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Key services ...

  • Run by experienced trainers and tutors
  • Individually-tailored courses
  • Studio recording facilities
  • Audio-Visual presentation aids
  • Autocue systems
  • TV and Radio interview training
  • Handling press conferences
  • Writing effective press releases

Media training course objectives

Our media training courses are specially designed to meet an individual client's needs, but can include any of the following elements:

  • Running an effective press conference
  • Dealing with journalists over the phone
  • Writing an effective press release
  • Handling television interviews
    • on location
    • in the studio
    • the 'doorstep' interview
    • the 'down the line' interview
  • Handling TV discussions / confrontations
  • Mastering the news 'soundbite'
  • Handling the TV / Radio chat show
  • Handling radio interviews:
    • live in the studio
    • recorded on location
    • down the phone
  • Dealing with the TV / radio phone in.
  • Using Teleprompting / Autocue systems

Any or all of these elements can be set up at the location of your choice.

Media and communications training courses

Good communications lie at the heart of quality management in every organisation. To be a good manager, you have to be a good communicator.

Effective communications are the key to the growth and vitality of all businesses in an increasingly competitive world.

How the people in a business communicate with those around them - to customers, investors, suppliers, shareholders, consumers, politicians, regulators and the public is vital to the performance both of the individual and of the business.

Tailored courses run by media professionals

If good communications are vital, so is choosing the right partners to help you develop those skills.....

Cinécosse has created a range of comprehensive Media Training Courses designed to prepare you for all the types of encounters you are likely to have. Firmly based on practical exercises, they help you to understand how journalists think and work, whether with print or electronic media.

  • Our trainers and operatives are highly experienced and have been working together for many years
  • We understand business and its needs whether at local, national or international level
  • our teams of tutors all have successful track records and worldwide experience - all of which are available to our clients
  • We can provide excellent, flexible training facilities
  • We are expert teachers of communications skills: all tutors are highly professional trainers with long experience of communicating skills training
  • We tailor our courses to your specific needs: unlike some companies, which offer standard off-the-shelf courses, all our training is designed with your specific requirement in mind
  • We deliver precisely the training you want: our course coordinators work closely with you to develop the exact training you need, select the appropriate tutors and manage the training exercise with minimum disruption and maximum flexibility.

For more information on any of our services, please contact us.