Cinécosse Broadcast & Corporate Television, Multimedia & DVD production
Creative multimedia and video production since 1978

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Video production services and facilities....

  • Corporate presentations
  • Sales and marketing videos
  • Product demonstrations
  • Event coverage
  • Aerial filming (AeroVue)
  • Offshore filming
  • Health and safety training videos
  • Interactive DVD, CD ROM, Kiosks and Websites
  • Video for online streaming and download
  • Motion graphics and animation
  • Time-lapse photography
  • High definition (HD) video
  • Audio and sound dubbing
  • DVD and CD duplication

Video production

Cinécosse combine the professionalism and creative talents of a dedicated and multi-skilled production team. Our clients continue to benefit from the wealth of knowledge and experience that we have obtained over the years, producing quality video presentations that strengthen brands and add value to business. Our reputation comes, not just from our high standard of work, but in how we work with our clients and how we are able to understand their business and their needs.

Video and television productions

Cinécosse has more than thirty years of video, audio-visual and television programme production experience in the corporate and business sector. Our clients range from small enterprises to multi-national undertakings, covering a broad spectrum of business type and activity.

Cinécosse have also produced and have been involved in the making of many popular programmes for broadcast television transmission.

Getting your message over to staff, sales teams and customers - Cinécosse production and technical expertise is the result of many commissions such as product launches, employee and shareholder briefings and crisis management exercises.

Event coverage

We cover major public events such as open-days and exhibitions, providing news coverage, promotional footage or a complete record which can be used as souvenir merchandise.

Video formats

We can produce video for many different types of media including: DVD, CD ROM and Blu-ray™ disc or a wide variety of digital formats optimised for online delivery such as MPEG4.

We also produce video files optimised for solid-state players in either standard or high definition video format. These are commonly used for larger plasma or LCD video display screens and kiosks.

Streaming and progressive download video

Online digital video can be offered as a streamed service where the video starts playing immediately on request. This method is ideal for longer video presentations and makes the most efficient use of bandwidth. Streaming video files are typically compressed files with some visible reduction in quality in order to keep the file size small.

Alternatively, we can provide video in a range of different media formats including high-definition (HD) video as progressive download files. This is useful for shorter presentations where the spatial quality of the video is important.

For more information on any of our services, please contact us.