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Key benefits of using a website presenter...

  • Very easy to set-up, low-cost
  • Bandwidth efficient, small file sizes
  • Adds interest to your website and increases traffic
  • Holds your audience's attention for longer periods
  • Adds value to your company's products and services and boosts your company's profile
  • Helps to generate new customer enquiries
  • Communicates messages efficiently and effectively
  • Reaches a global audience
  • A virtual sales & marketing assistant - available 24 hours a day!
  • Useful for long-distance training and e-learning applications
  • Combine video, audio, graphics and animated slideshows to make attractive online visual presentations.
  • Video can be re-purposed for other uses such as viral marketing campaigns and off-line multimedia

Professional video presentations made for your website

Video is a powerful tool for creating engaging websites. It holds your audience's attention for longer while you communicate your message to them.

Cinécosse specialise in producing quality, professionally-presented videos for websites which that can be seen by a world-wide audience. It's a simple and extremely effective way to add value to your company and your products and services.

Using presenter-led video on websites

Video has always been a powerful and engaging tool for communicating messages whether used for advertising, sales and marketing or for demonstrating products and services. It is also a vital tool for use in education and training.

Video is no longer restricted to conventional playback formats such as video cassette and digital disc. It can reach a much wider audience using the internet and can be used to enhance a website and create an immersive interactive experience with intuitive and engaging content.

By adding a presenter to your video, your website will capture your audience’s interest for much longer than any normal web page.

Cinécosse specialise in combining professional-quality video with slide show presentations, 2 and 3-dimensional imagery and a whole range of interactive tools. Our high-quality video presentations can be deployed on your website as progressive download files or they can be streamed to your audience in order to make the most efficient use of bandwidth.

If you wish, your audience can have partial or complete control over the playback of the video.

About the Process


A well-written, objective script is essential to the effectiveness of any video presentation. You can supply us with your own script, or we can offer professional scriptwriting as a service.

Filming and editing the presentation

It is recommended that filming is done in our in-house studios with a professional presenter of your choice, however, should you wish, we can arrange to film at a location of your preference subject to conditions.

You can choose from a variety of professional presenters who we may recommend to you or if you prefer, you or someone in your organisation can present. We can provide an autocue service if required.

We film the presenter against a plain background known as a 'keyed background' or 'chroma key'. When filming is complete, we digitally extract the presenter from the key and place them over almost any kind of artificial background. The process makes this use of video extremely flexible for website delivery.

At the editing stage, we can add in additional video and audio or specialist motion graphics. At this point the video can be supplied to you as a standalone video file or we can optimise it for your website by adding subtitling, closed-captions and embedded cuepoints which trigger specific events at selected points during playback. These events can direct your audience to other web pages, or initiate some other interactive element.

Adding the video to your website

We can supply your finished video files directly to your web designer to add to your website or we can carry out this work for you. We also provide specialist web design and optimisation services for video content. Check out our multimedia page for more details.

For more information and package options for web video production or any of our other services, please contact us.