Cinécosse Broadcast & Corporate Television, Multimedia & DVD production
Creative multimedia and video production since 1978

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Hit the Ground Running
These Electric Lives

Some of our clients...

  • Aberdeenshire Council
  • Baxters of Speyside
  • BP Exploration
  • Centrica Energy
  • Chevron UK
  • ConocoPhillips
  • Discovery Channel
  • Dolphin Drilling
  • Fisher Offshore
  • IBM (UK)
  • Ithaca Energy
  • Johnstone & Carmichael
  • Richard Keenan & Co.
  • Merial Animal Health
  • Mearns and Gill
  • National Trust for Scotland
  • Orkney Tourist Board
  • Platform 2 Events & Exhibitions
  • Rolls Wood Group
  • Royal Highland Education Trust
  • Shell Expro UK
  • Shepherd & Wedderburn
  • Shetland Islands Council
  • TCC
  • Total E&P UK
  • Transocean
  • Tuscon International
  • Wood Group

Cinécosse: 3 Decades in Focus

Cinécosse was first established in 1978 from a partnership of BBC-trained production staff. Since then we have evolved the company into a highly experienced and motivated production team where emphasis has always been placed on training a selection of talented and enthusiastic individuals in all aspects of our craft. More recently we have been using these core skills to extend our reach beyond the medium of audio and video to incorporate interactive media.

Media for the modern age

In a relatively short space of time, we have witnessed many changes in the methods used to present information to different groups of people. In today's fast-changing world of mobile and Internet communication, we've been involved in helping our clients to deliver their presentations via these new technologies. From the most basic of corporate CD ROMs to large-scale educational applications, Cinecosse have blended an award-winning reputation for quality video with inspiring modern media delivery techniques.

However we diversify our company and our products, our commitment to detail and quality will always remain the same. Programme making is not about impressive hardware - it's about creative people enjoying their craft with interesting clients who need a presentation, in whatever form, to do an important job of work for them.

For more information on any of our services, please contact us.